29 December, 2012

I LOVE Shaqtin' A Fool

I LOVE Shaqtin' A Fool. The clips are pretty hilarious. Did you check out this week one already? - Link

Dwight Howard's 4-step dunk and Bulls new tactics on inbound pass are both ... cool...lol

I'm Back!

I lost passion on NBA after Coach Sloan left Jazz and the move of Deron Williams to the Nets. However, I still like watching NBA and now I think what the heck, let me restart the blog. 

A few things, 

- As a matter of fact, I am not a loyal Jazz fans anymore after Coach Sloan is gone. However, I still like following their games. (Ouch! They almost end Clippers winning streak today)
- Well, I like the possibility of Timberwolves this year. Andrei Kirilenko, Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio, Nikola Pekovic (honestly a nice surprise. He is not the most handsome guy in NBA for sure, but he is another very solid Eastern European Center!), Alexey Shved, JJ Barea and I almost want to count Brandon Roy. 
- I respect Steve Nash a lot (a small Big guard, just like our beloved John Stockton). Although I think Dwight Howard is so far not impressive and the bench of Lakers is once again a tragedy, I hope Nash could get a Ring. 

14 April, 2010

Will Rose give some troubles to the King?

Will Rose give some troubles to the King? It's a premature question since Bulls have not locked down the No. 8 seed yet. But I do look forward to the Cavaliers-Bulls Series.

We always had an edge over Suns so I do believe we could beat them in the final regular season game and clinch No. 3 seed. I foresee we could walk into Western Conference Semi-Final, easily.

07 April, 2010

I Went Straight to Scoreboard

I went straight to ESPN Scoreboard, and saw Thunder scored 139. I was thinking "another meltdown? WTF...". Scrolling a bit downwards and I saw the 140 by Jazz. What an amazing game!

Career night by D Will, wonderful. And we wouldn't enjoy less about the monster Dunk by Boozer. The No.1 Play of today games!

27 March, 2010

Granger's Career Best Took Down Jazz

We can't say Granger is having a splendid season this year. He chose to score his career-high 44pts to us, and hurt our chance in 2nd seed...


- LBJ said, "If I really wanted to be the scoring champion every single year -- every single year -- I could really do it. But it doesn't matter." I can't agree more, but you don't have to say it loud...
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